The Owl Tree Community Nest: a safe space for families with the Owl Tree Children’s café at its heart.

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Drop-in Cafe and Pre-School Group

Cafe and Pre-School Group

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Suitable for ages 0-5 years

Suitable for ages 0-5 years

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Who are we?

About Us

The Owl Tree Children’s Café CIC is a not for profit community interest company, established in 2018 to support families with children up to the age of 5.
Established as a support café, the Owl Tree Children’s Café CIC has grown over the years and now is part of a larger project, the Owl Tree Community Nest.

Still with the café at its heart, the Community Nest is a safe, affordable, accessible space for children and their parents / carers to access. In addition to the café, we now offer classes, activities, drop in sessions, a sensory room, SEN sessions, parent well being groups and much more.

Social Objective

The Social objective of the company is to address the issues faced by parents and carers of pre-school aged children, when accessing age appropriate activities. We have a particular focus on addressing the potential for social isolation in early-years and the impact that this can have on your mental health. We exist to support the parenting journey and understand the need for quality, flexibility and affordability in all early years activities.

Our Mission

Our Mission at the Owl Tree Children’s Café is to provide a safe, fun, welcoming and affordable environment. We strive to create a non judgemental and peer supportive community, where children can grow and parents can socialise with other parents.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build up a community of genuine connections and to develop a safe space where these connections can be established, nurtured and grow.

Our Values

  • Affordability – we want our venue to be accessible to all regardless of income
  • Value for money – we want to provide quality produce at reasonable prices
  • Community – we want to foster an environment where all members of our community feel their contribution is valued, where people feel part of something and at home in the nest.

What we do at the Owl Tree

Owl Tree Cafe Themed Role Play Dear Zoo

Themed Role-Play

Each week we change our theme to ensure variety in the activities and experience we offer. Within these themes, we often nurture role play by providing toys and activities to encourage this.

In addition, we usually have a ‘café corner’ with a play kitchen and mini café area. It’s a café within a café!

Owl Tree Cafe Sensory Play

Sensory Play

A large part of our activities includes sensory play as this is key to the learning experience of a child in their formative years.

We experience the world through our senses and play that encourages this both engages children and teaches them key sensory attributes such as cold, slimy, sticky. We try to include a range of substances in our activities including homemade playdough, water, sand, coloured rice, pasta, oats.

Owl Tree Cafe Messy Play

Messy Play

Some of our activities include messy play, although given that we are a food establishment, this is relatively contained!  Messy play activities have included edible mud, jelly, shaving foam and rice / pasta.

We are not encouraging all out mess but we request parents don’t put their children in their Sunday best when attending our café!

Owl Tree Cafe Crafts and Songs Hand Puppets

Crafts and Songs

Each week we have a minimum of two crafts in line with the weekly theme. We aim to pitch these so that most age groups can participate, with an easier craft and an slightly more intricate one for older toddlers.

A key part of our day is song time, with an interactive session using puppets at least twice a day (usually between 10.30-11am and 12.30–1pm. Song time is a great way to engage the younger children and babies.

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How to get in touch and find us

The Owl Tree Children's Cafe
Former Coxlodge Methodist Church, Kenton RD / John St, NE3 3XH.

Call: 07536 060 607

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The Owl Tree Children's Cafe

Former Coxlodge Methodist Church, Kenton RD / John St, NE3 3XH.