In this episode I am joined by Hannah from @theowltreechildrens Cafe in Newcastle.

This was a really special episode for me to record and I honestly can’t tell you how inspiring it was for me because Hannah is living my dream! We have very similar values and ethos and Hannah’s cafe is exactly what I hope to one day have.

We talk about how having a community as a parent is fundamental to everything and how it’s exceptionally hard to parent without a support network. We discuss how Mums need other mums, even if it’s just to say “I get it” and that Mums often pass on the best advice- We need that Mum to Mum support because they understand.

Hannah shares her top tips on how Mums can make friends and notes what you can do, as a parent that doesn’t necessarily struggle to make friends, to help and tells us how her cafe provides the non judgemental support for families that is SO needed and how she “creates a village”.

Listen to the podcast.